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All type pages share a common structure, as described here. The DownloadManager and the ArtefactConversion rely on this structure.


First part of each type page is a socalled Metabox. It provides meta data of the type and is automatically nicely rendered. The Metabox is a self-describing wiki template (read more about the Metabox template).

The Metabox entry on your page might e.g. look like this:

| Meta_Category = Type:org/oomodels/wiki/Type

Arbitrary Text

You can add arbitrary text to a type page, as long as it does not look like the Metabox. Typically, you add a description of the type.


Please make sure to add all ancestor package pages, too. Mediawiki does not automatically create such pages. If you want to make your type browsable, you have to add all ancestor pages manually. You might need to refresh the ancestor pages afterwards (clearing the cache, with help of the action purge), to allow the SubPages tag to create updated content.

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