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First part of each package page is a socalled Metabox. It provides meta data of the package and is automatically nicely rendered. The Metabox is a self-describing wiki template (read more about the Metabox template).

The Metabox entry on your page typically looks like this:

| Meta_Category = Type:org/oomodels/wiki/Package

Arbitrary Text

You can add arbitrary text describing your package.

Since different items (e.g. a Model and a Contact) existing in the same package may be in different wiki namespaces (e.g. Artefact:Model/your/package... and Contact:Person/your/package...) your package appears twice in the wiki. Now to avoid to have to write your package description twice (redundantly), you may prefer to describe the corresponding logical namespace instead. This description is automatically included on all respective package pages.

Sub Packages

You should add a section called "Sub Packages" which contains a <SubPages/> tag. This tag automatically generates a list of all sub packages of your package. If you do so, users can browse into your packages, which is very desirable.


Please make sure to add all ancestor package pages, too. Mediawiki does not automatically create such pages. If you want to make your package browsable, you have to add all ancestor pages manually. You might need to refresh the ancestor pages afterwards (clearing the cache, with help of the action purge), to allow the SubPages tag to create updated content.

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