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Follow this simple procedure to add a conversion step:

  • Become familiar with editing wiki pages in general. If you just want to try it out, you can do so in the OOModels:Sandbox.
  • If you don't already have, create an account and login (Why do I need an account?).
  • Create a conversion step page in this package: Artefact:Step/org/oomodels/wiki/steps/conversion You can simply cut&paste an existing conversion step.
  • Edit the properties of that conversion step:
    • SourceType: the oomodels page describing the source format of your conversion
    • TargetType: the oomodels page describing the target format of your conversion
    • ConverterId: the oomodels page describing the converter used for the conversion. See Category:OOModels Format Converter.
    • Depending on the converter you choose:
      • XSLT Converter
        • Template: the oomodels page containing a XSL stylesheet
      • Identity Converter
        • no additional properties
      • OOGenerator Converter
        • Template: the oomodels page containing a OOGenerator template

If your conversion is based on an existing converter, you're done. Otherwise

  • add a Category:OOModels Format Converter page to describe the converter
  • add the converter software
    • to the wiki, by talking to us - either we review the software and incorporate it into the oomodels download service, or, alternatively, we delegate conversion requests via HTTP/POST to a web service you provide yourself
    • to the eclipse plugin, by just adding your software as a plugin and announcing it via an extension point