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Task Description State Priority Contributor
Concept make design of software for oomodels
  • this table here
  • Unit Test Case [done]
  • 1 al
    Deployment make software available
  • here it is: oomodels-webapp.tgz [done]
  • or plain jar (same as in tgz): oomodels.jar [done]
  • invocation example: oomodels.bash [done]
  • 1 al
    Documentation DownloadManager ArtefactConversion 2
    download page (jsp) page which is the target of all the download links in the wiki
    searches for all conversion pages
    provides a list of possible target formats
    each entry has a "download xyz format" button
    calls download servlet with respective parameters
    optionally tries sequences of conversion with one (or two) central formats
    implemented within servlet [done] 1 al
    mediawiki indices several lists and indices (like all artefacts within a certain domain) should be generated automatically - the "Category" mechanism is already a good start - so one or a few good extensions would be valuable
    download servlet gets all necessary parameters from download page
    translates paremeters to istreams via oomodels reader
    calls main converter
  • oomodels.jar with servlet infrastructure [done]
  • get parameters and present format choice list [done]
  • send data via download box [done]
  • page parser integrated [done]
  • download of xml code and metadata[done]
  • refactored as preparation for next steps [done]
  • 1 al
    command line download tool like servlet, but command line [done] 3 al
    command line upload tool like download tool, but the other way around ;-) [done] 3 al
    oomodels reader accesses oomodels via http
    finds code section in page
    extracts code section, recodes escapes, removes anchor tags etc.
    provides code as java io stream
  • javacc parser to extract meta data and code, grammar [done]
  • extraction of code and metadata [done]
  • pagerequester to download raw page from wiki [done]
  • 1 al
    java converter interface something like
    public interface ...
    public IStream convert(String converter_id, IStream code, ??? arguments...)
    arguments might be: IStream's, name, type and encoding of IStreams's (Strings)
    [done] 1
    main converter a dispatcher, which is a singelton with the converter interface
    redirects according to converter registry
    converter registry redirects to a list of registered converters
    (a registered converter is one with an entry in the wiki)
    matching is according to regexps
    generator converter converter, which uses sphenon generator for transformation [done]
    xslt converter converter, which uses xslt for transformation [done]
    soap client converter converter, which redirects to a soap interface for conversion not implemented as soap, but plain HTTP request [done]
    soap server converter soap server, which calls the converter interface
    eclipse plugin DevelopmentPlan_EclipsePlugin eclipse updatesite wm
    eclipse oomodels cache in project and all included projects, in a folder "oomodels", the same structure as online can be reproduced
    e.g. oomodels/Type/org/oomodels/wiki...
    the cache can be maintained automatically or
    manually overridded (working completely independent of
    eclipse oomodels reader like oomodels reader, but looks locally in oomodels folders before
    eclipse oomodels converter registry like converter registry, but looks in extensions before